Why here?

Are you looking for a unique place, where you can catch your breath and relax?


Edwardówka – cottages in Bieszczady Mountains are located in the picturesque village of Bereżnica Wyżna, 650 meters above the sea level in the very heart of Bieszczady Mountains. The village, surrounded by forests, is situated in the Eastern Beskids Nature Park area. It is the perfect holiday spot for people, who value peace and quiet and an excellent starting point for those, who seek contact with nature and want to explore the Bieszczady Mountain region. The holiday centre is easily accessible by asphalt road. In the neighbourhood there is a church, a bar and a bus stop. Three times a week a mobile grocery store stops by the village.

The cottages are built on a terraced slope. On the uppermost terrace there are 3 cottages and a parking lot, on the lower terrace there are 3 cottages, a parking lot and a playground for children. Other terraces are undeveloped and can serve as a recreation ground (for example as a playing field). At the foot of the slope flows the Bereżnica stream, where the works of beavers, such a s lodges and dams, can be admired. The road descending to the stream and the forest beyond it is hard surfaced. The murmuring of the stream can relieve stress and soothe the nerves. The forest, located just 250 meter away from our complex, abounds with wildlife: birds, animals and mushrooms (penny buns and saffron milk caps).